Friday, April 18, 2008

Announcing ConnCon 2008!

Did you regretfully not participate in the awesomeness that was Chicago 2006 and the very first Off-TopiCon? Still lamenting that you were not jolted awake at 3 AM by…not the telephone, but the blare of the fire horn next door? Missed your chance to shout “Do you want ARMAGEDDON?” at hapless elderly tourists, or to answer the age-old question “How many Newshounds fit into a single taxi before it officially becomes a clown car?”

Rejoice – your time is at hand! This post proudly proclaims the long-awaited sequel . . . ConnCon 2008!

With hotel wrangling by our very own Kim, Pb.D and taking place this September in her new hometown of Hartford, Connecticut, ConnCon will be another laid-back affair of chaos, panic, disorder and downright FUN. Here are the details so far:

  • September 25 (Thursday) through 28 (Sunday)
  • We have special room rates of $115/night (not including taxes) at the Hartford Hilton. Call during the day to speak to a reservations agent, referencing the “Newshounds” group. Eventually a special website will be set up to book our rooms online. Don't delay - book your room prior to August 25, at which time our locked-in special rate evaporates.
  • Thursday, informal reception at Kim’s Flophouse and Crab Shack.
  • Friday, tour the Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe houses, then crash at the hotel in the P.T. Barnum meeting room (no, really) for a cash bar, a group showing of Outfoxed (bring your nerf-balls to fling), and maybe some liveblogging for the folks at home.
  • Saturday, get in Bentley time-travel mode as we take a field trip (bring your garb if you have it!) to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! Tickets and info available online here.
  • Sunday, who knows?
  • The schedule for all the con days is completely fluid and relaxed. Dress casually.
  • Because you will laugh longer and louder than at any other time in your history, enjoy the company of like-minded folk who for most of us are already like family, and with any luck a concentration of that many of us in one place will cause a great disturbance in the Force – in a good way!
Watch this blog as well as the thread on the Off-Topic (we'll cross-post) for more info, and feel free to ask questions and make suggestions. This blog includes a thread for room-sharing and ride-sharing.

WOOT for ConnCon 2008, coming in September! And a huge thank-you to Kim for doing all the on-site legwork. Hoping to see lots of you there!

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Anonymous said...

Will this include a RALPH Symposium?