Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Week and a Half Away!

Greetings, all - ConnCon is now a mere ten days away, and the most awesome time you'll ever have with your "freaky little friends" is in the offing!

A reminder - please send your arrival information to ET PbD via PM at News Hounds Off-Topic Forum. She's compiling a list so that our intrepid locals and early arrivals - Kim, the Anti-Thesis and IB - can set up airport shuttle runs.

At this writing, confirmed attendees are:

Kim (our gracious Hostess)
Sharon (!!!!)
Wee Nelson
the Anti-Thesis (who has a studio half a mile from Kim - who knew??)
Keg (!!!!)

I'm looking at you, MikeTheLiberal and Freedom Lover and nipigon1, who all said they might be able to make it for a day or two...will we see you there? Sing out and let us know!

A reminder of the very loose "schedule":

Thursday evening, 7-ish, there is a "Welcome Freaky Friends" reception at Kim's abode. PM her for the location info.

Friday, we plan to tour the Harriet Beecher Stowe House and the Mark Twain House in Hartford, and get into whatever other trouble presents itself.

Saturday is reserved for the Connecticut Renaissance Festival. ET PbD has items of garb to spare if you're inclined to dress the part, but it's far from mandatory. Prepare to time-travel as we haven't since the last Bentley adventure!

Sunday remains unscripted at this writing.

See you all in Hartford!

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